Nancy Davis is denied an abortion in Louisiana despite fetus not having skull. (WAFB)

A woman in Louisiana is being denied an abortion despite her fetus being nonviable, according to WAFB. Nancy Davis was 10 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound revealed that her fetus has acrania — a condition in which the skull of the fetus is missing.

Acrania causes the death of a newborn baby within hours of being born and doctors at Woman's hospital in Baton Rouge advised her to have an abortion.

Davis and her attorney Ben Crump gave a press conference on Friday in front of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge.

"Ten weeks into my pregnancy, I found out that my baby had a rare birth defect called acrania," she said. "The doctors told me that my baby would die shortly after birth. They told me that I should terminate the pregnancy, but because of the State of Louisiana abortion ban, they could not perform the procedure. Basically, they said I had to carry my baby to bury my baby. They seemed confused about the law and afraid of what would happen to them if they performed a criminal abortion according to the law."

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Davis added that she would be going to another state for the procedure.

"I want you to imagine what it's been like to continue this pregnancy for another six weeks after this diagnosis. This is not fair to me, and it should not happen to any other woman," she said.

According to the Guardian, Sen. Katrina Jackson (D-LA), the state senator who authored Louisiana’s abortion ban, said that the hospital should have authorized the abortion because the statute contains exceptions for nonviable fetuses outside of a mother’s womb, as is the case with Davis.

Nancy Davis speaks after she was denied abortion in Louisiana despite a non-viable fetus #shorts