California official faces furious backlash after comparing 'YIMBYs' to Nazis
(Photo via the San Mateo County Harbor District)

The president of San Francisco's San Mateo County Harbor District deleted her Twitter account after comparing pro-housing activists to Nazis, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“Class war news of the day: Today some Nazis, I mean YIMBYs, are casing St. Francis Woods in SF because 100 years ago there were restrictive covenants,” Nancy Reyering wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

“What’s next —” the tweet continued, “Molotov cocktails?”

Reyering drew condemnation from from State Democratic Sen. Josh Becker, who said he had family members die in the Holocaust.

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“As a Jew with relatives killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust, I beseech all to remember the 6 million Jews lost,” Becker tweeted on Sunday. “I renounce San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Nancy Reyering’s using that term to describe housing advocates & hope she will only use it when referring to actual Nazis.”

According to the Chronicle, the controversy stems from a fight over the new state law SB9, which allows property owners to divide their lots in half and build two units on each portion.

"Bay Area suburbs have tried a variety of creative strategies to circumvent the law, including a novel tactic that officials in the affluent Peninsula town of Woodside deployed in February, claiming all land parcels had to be preserved as mountain lion habitat," the Chronicle reports. "St. Francis Wood pursued a different route, petitioning for a historic designation that would allow it to keep residential lots in tact."

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