Couple's Nazi-themed wedding where they dressed as Hitler and Eva Braun draws international outrage
A Nazi-themed wedding (Screen cap via Milenio)

A Mexican couple is drawing international outrage and condemnation after they got married by reenacting the wedding of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun.

El Pais reports that the pair dressed as Hitler and Braun during the ceremony, and drove away in a swastika-adorned Volkswagen that came complete with an SS license plate.

The groom, whom El Pais identifies by the name Fernando, told wedding guests during the ceremony that Hitler was "loved by his people," and also credited Hitler's national socialism ideology with "helping" him develop as a child.

Jewish Mexican organization Tribuna Israelita issued a blistering statement condemning the wedding as a piece of revisionist history.

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"Any act that glorifies Nazism, an ideology responsible for the murder of millions of people, including six million Jews, such as unfortunately happened during a wedding in Tlaxcala," the group said.

Ariel Gelblung, director of the Latin American wing of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, similarly said his organization "strongly condemns the distortion and trivialization of the memory of six million of our Jewish brothers and sisters murdered in the Holocaust, and the contempt on the part of those who deny or distort history, as well as all those who participated in this despicable act of disrespect."

As if having a Nazi-themed wedding wasn't enough, El Pais notes that the couple even named their two children after Nazis: " Reinhard, in tribute to SS General Reinhard Heydrich, and Hanna Gertrud, named after Nazi pilot Hanna Reitsch and Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, president of the National Socialist Women’s League."