Fire chief out of a job after making racist and anti-gay statements to restaurant workers

The commissioners of a North Carolina county voted 6-1 to terminate its service contract with the Lake Waccamaw Fire and Rescue Auxiliary after its chief was accused of making racist and homophobic comments at a Mexican restaurant, WECT reports.

An investigation was launched after some of Shannon Worrell's remarks were captured on surveillance video.

On July 24, Worrell and staff members disagreed on gratuity being added to the restaurant bill, saying that he was charged twice since he had already left cash on the table. Restaurant manager Adan Velasquez said that it’s restaurant policy to add gratuity for parties of six or more.

“The first thing I heard was him talking about my manager Adan and about how he was just a sorry [expletive], he was sarcastic and just a piece of [expletive],” said Brianna Smith, an employee at the restaurant.

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“After a while, he started saying some racial slurs -- ‘you should’ve died whenever you crossed the river over here,’ ‘we should close the border and send you all back,’” said restaurant manager Adan Velasquez. “After that, it kind of got out of hand, so I had to call the cops to try to get him out of here. His wife had come in here and got him out.”

Worrell addressed the contract’s cancellation and the restaurant incident in a Facebook post on Monday night, according to Columbus County News. He said he had resigned from his position.

"These events that are alleged has nothing to do with LW EMS so I don’t understand why the entire department has to suffer from some of my poor decisions," Worrell wrote. "I would like to conclude by saying I am sorry to the community, all involved, and the department."