Fox News host taken aback when Joe Manchin asks if she fears his bill will 'help our country'
Senator Joe Manchin speaking during an event in 2017. (Third Way Think Tank)

Fox News host Harris Faulkner was taken aback on Tuesday when Joe Manchin turned the tables on her and asked if she feared that his big bill focused on health care, energy, and deficit reduction would be good policy.

During an interview on Fox News, Faulkner grilled Manchin about his proposed bill, which would implement a minimum 15 percent tax on large corporations, open up new opportunities for oil and gas extraction, invest in green energy resources, allow Medicare to negotiate for a limited number of prescription drug prices, and lock in stronger subsidies for Americans who get their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

At one point, Manchin questioned Faulkner about why she seemed so opposed to what he described as a moderate deal that didn't exclusively rely on green energy sources and that didn't raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000 a year.

"Harris, are you afraid we’re going to do something good that’ll help our country?" Manchin asked her.

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Faulkner was immediately taken aback by this remark.

"Of course not, my father served!" she said indignantly. "Are you kidding? Service is in the Bible! That's what we do, we serve our fellow man and woman! Don't make this personal because it's not!"

Watch the video below or at this link.