Neo-Nazi robocaller slapped with $10 million fine from FCC: report
Scott Rhodes (left) and a police officer (Screenshot)

On Saturday, the Idaho Statesman reported that Scott Rhodes, a notorious neo-Nazi activist, has been hit with a $9.9 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission for a series of racist and intimidating robocalls.

"In addition to attacking Black and Jewish politicians, Rhodes' messages threatened a journalist in Sandpoint, targeted an Iowa community grieving the murder of a local college student, and attempted to influence the jury in a murder case against a white supremacist in Charlottesville, Virginia," reported Chad Sokol.

"In announcing the fine on Jan. 14, the FCC said Rhodes repeatedly violated the Truth in Caller ID Act by manipulating the calls to make them appear as if they came from local phone numbers, a process known as 'neighbor spoofing,'" continued the report. "Ajit Pai, who stepped down as the FCC's chairman last week, said the law clearly prohibits spoofed robocalls 'used with the intent to defraud, cause harm or cheat recipients,' and Rhodes' calls marked 'new levels of egregiousness.'"

Rhodes' robocall campaign triggered outrage around the nation, with one man from Virginia even seeking a permit to stage a protest with accordion-playing clowns outside Rhodes' home.