Nevada Republicans censure their only statewide elected official as GOP civil war rages on: report

Supporters of Donald Trump continue to lash out at Republicans who did not go along with the "Big Lie" of election fraud that incited the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

The Nevada Republican Party Central Committee has voted to censure and disassociate with the state's GOP secretary of state, Barbara Cegavske, over claims that her office failed to do its job and 'put the reliability of our elections in Nevada in question.' Members of the central committee voted to approve the censure on a 126-112 vote on Saturday during the party's spring meeting in Carson City," The Nevada Independent reported Saturday. "The censure also banned Cegavske from party endorsements or resources for 'the intense dishonor her failures brought upon the Nevada Republican Party.'"

Cegavske is the only statewide elected Republican in Nevada.

A cover letter obtained by the publication said the party had received "vulgar messages" from Republicans who said they were leaving the party because the GOP "did nothing to ensure voter integrity."

Veteran Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston, the editor of The Nevada Independent, jokingly posted a photo to Twitter that he said was an "exclusive pic of the meeting."