'You're going to die tonight': New video shows Capitol rioters brutally assaulting officers and dragging them down steps

A new body cam video released Friday shows Jan. 6 insurrectionists brutally assaulting Metropolitan Police Department officers who had set up a perimeter around the Capitol, before dragging them down a staircase into a mob of angry protesters.

One of the insurrectionists involved, Jack Whitton, allegedly told an officer, "You're going to die tonight," and later boasted in a text message that he had "fed him (an officer) to the people."

"Idk (I don't know) his status," Whitton wrote in the text message to a friend, referring to the officer. "And (I) don't care tbh (to be honest)."

According to court documents, the attack left one of the officers with head wounds that required staples to close. This was after rioters "ripped off his helmet, maced him, took his gas mask and MPD-issued cell phone, kicked him, struck him with poles, and stomped on him."

Whitton, a CrossFit instructor from Georgia who allegedly beat one of the officers with a metal crutch, was denied bond in April after a judge said he represents "a serious danger."

Another one of the defendants involved, Jeffrey Sabol of Colorado, also remains jailed after planning to flee to Switzerland and attempting suicide in the wake of the insurrection.

Watch the video below.