GOP lawmaker introduces measure for New Hampshire to secede: 'Our state's sovereignty has been stolen'
New Hampshire state Rep. Mike Sylvia (Twitter).

On Thursday, WMUR's Adam Sexton reported that New Hampshire Republican state Rep. Mike Sylvia has introduced a constitutional amendment to allow New Hampshire to secede from the United States.

"Some believe that the question of independence has been settled," said Sylvia at a House hearing. "If so, then our state's sovereignty has been stolen."

Watch below:

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New Hampshire state lawmakers have been embattled in a series of controversies over the past several months. In October, state Rep. Ken Weyler stepped down as chair of the House Finance Committee after claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines are a Satanic plot by the Catholic Church and contain tentacled creatures and 5G mind control technology.

The party's conspiracy theories have grown so bizarre that one Republican member of the New Hampshire House, Bill Marsh, defected to the Democratic Party in protest.