Trump World links to far-right militants and a mysterious intermediary: Here's what you can expect in new J6 hearings
Proud boys Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs (Photo by John Rudoff for AFP)

On MSNBC Thursday, New York Times reporter Luke Broadwater outlined the key question that he hopes to see answered in the upcoming House January 6 Committee hearings next week.

In particular, he said, the hearing is likely to fill in new information on links between Trump's inner circle and far-right paramilitary groups that helped pull off the Capitol attack, like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

"Here's Tuesday's hearing which we think is going to deal, we've been told by the members of the committee, it'll be dealing with the links between the extremists and militia members and Donald Trump's allies and perhaps even Donald Trump himself," said anchor Ali Velshi. "Until now those have been parallel tracks of investigation, the militias and the extremists what they were doing on the Capitol around and what the Trump allies were doing. There will be no attempt on Tuesday to bring that together?"

"Yes, and this is the hearing that I am actually most interested in, because this has been the big question for me from the start," said Broadwater. "We know Donald Trump encouraged the mob to come to the Capitol on January 6, and we know they brought weapons and they attacked the building and they were carrying out this plan. Is there anything more? Are there closer ties than what Donald Trump said?"

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This is particularly important because, as Broadwater noted, "We've heard of some of these ties."

"We know about Roger Stone, the close ally of Donald Trump, and how he was involved with some members of the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, and how he had some of these extremist groups as bodyguards," said Broadwater. "Perhaps that will be discussed. We know there was a meeting in the garage between the Proud Boys leader and the Oath Keepers leader. Perhaps that will be discussed. We know one of the leaders tried to call Donald Trump on January 6 and use an intermediary who nobody has identified yet, so we don't know who that is. I am very, very interested to see who in the political world does the committee believe was the link between Trump and the extremist groups and how much planning, coordination, if any, took place."

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Luke Broadwater previews upcoming January 6 hearings