New York Post caught by fact-checkers in another sloppy Hunter Biden laptop lie
Moses Robinson, Getty Images North America, AFP | File photo of Hunter Biden

The Washington Post caught the New York Post in another sloppy false factoid about Rudy Giuliani's "Hunter Biden laptop" that allies of former President Donald Trump desperately tried to pass off as a conspiracy in 2020.

Another piece of the story from the Post has just been struck down by reporters' legwork showing how Trump allies twisted an innocent meeting with a Catholic leader into some kind of scandal.

According to the Washington Post, a previous fact-check pointed out that the so-called meeting with Ukrainians on the date in question, April 16, 2015, never actually matched up with the reality. New information revealed that another date isn't matching up with reality.

"Recently, a reader directed our attention to a May 26 New York Post report, featuring more emails, that was headlined: 'Hunter Biden brought VP Joe to dinner with shady business partners,'" the report cited. "The article suggested Joe Biden met with the Burisma executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, at a dinner that was held in the private 'garden room' at Cafe Milano in Washington."

The Washington Post did their own legwork to uncover what happened instead of what the New York Post did in their assessment.

"The reader, in a phone message, said it was time to update our report because new details had emerged from the laptop about the vice president's movements that day. As the New York Post put it, 'The dinner raises questions about how much Joe Biden, who has claimed ignorance of his son's activities, knew about Hunter's dealings with foreign businesses and government officials,'" the report cited.

As it turns out, the secret meeting at Cafe Milano wasn't the clandestine scandal that the New York Post made it out to be.

At the time of the meeting, Hunter Biden was the chair of the World Food Program, a fundraising arm of a humanitarian effort in the United Nations. Rick Leach was the president at the time and he explained that the now-president dropped by the meeting briefly to see Alex Karloutsos, who was known as Father Alex during his service as a leader in the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States. Biden had just spoken at the White House Greek Independent Day Reception, his official schedule read.

"He and Karloutsos are personal friends who have known each other for 40 years," the Washington Post explained. "Karloutsos's wife, Xanthi, is on the board of the Beau Biden Foundation, which fights child abuse. (Beau Biden, who had an aggressive form of brain cancer, died a few weeks after this dinner.)"

Biden is a Roman Catholic and has worked with the Greek Orthodox Church throughout his life, earning the Patriarch Athenagoras Humanitarian Award in 2015.

Joe Biden "didn't even sit down. He was not part of the dinner or part of the dinner discussion," said Leach.

Karloutsos confirmed the account, saying, "That is true. It was very kind of the then VP to do so."

The New York Post continues to write stories about Biden and the laptop, as recently as two days ago. In Oct. 2020, Facebook and Twitter limited sharing of the story about the laptop, out of fear that it was false information, NPR News reported at the time. When the laptop was pitched to Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, but "found that the emails and other records don't make that case," NBC News reported ahead of last year's election.

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