Newsmax host attacks Chris Wallace as a ‘leftist’ in effort to stoke right-wing cable war
Fox News host Chris Wallace (Screenshot)

Newsmax talking head Eric Bolling -- fired from Fox News in 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations -- continues to find sport in attacking his former employer for serving as a secret bastion of liberalism.

Bolling targeted veteran Fox News commentator Chris Wallace Monday night for lacking proper right-wing credentials. The bosses at Newsmax enjoyed it enough to feature the comments on their website:

"Bolling called Fox's Chris Wallace a "leftist excuse for bipartisanship" and showed a clip of the host moderating a presidential debate last year when he admonished then-President Donald Trump for interrupting then-candidate Joe Biden," Newsmax reported.

"Wallace recently said Biden White House spokesperson Jen Psaki "is one of the best press secretaries ever."

"The best? Really, Chris?" Bolling said. "You've been working in news since the '70s and she's the best? Really makes me wonder what you've been paying attention to all these years."

It's not the first time Bolling has pleased his present employer by savaging his previous one. But he does have some new material. Here's more from his Newsmax rant:

"Think about what Fox is doing, though. It's brilliant. Everything they truly believe is aired in the middle of the day when everybody is at work. Then they get home from work and watch evening commentary hosts say the complete opposite of what they reported just hours prior.

Bolling has also added an attack on Fox News' vaccine hypocrisy to his repertoire:

"Fox hosts rage against the vaccine mandates, yet they work for a company that demands their employees get vaccinated or get tested," he said.