Newsmax guest is terrified Davy Crockett will be turned transgender by Disney

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was praised on Friday by a Newsmax guest who voiced fears that Disney would turn deceased former Rep. Davy Crockett into a woman.

Patrick Dorinson, who bills himself as the "common sense cowboy," complained about Disney's opposition to a new bill signed by DeSantis that has been widely criticized as a "don't say gay" law.

Dorinson brought up Crockett, who died at the Alamo in 1836 after serving three terms in Congress.

"And now, we've gotten into this whole, you know, woke culture. We've gotten into the whole gay culture. And, quite frankly, I hope they don't try and take Davy Crockett and make him a transgender and call him queen of the wild frontier," he told Newsmax host Eric Bolling.

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