'Mass chaos and anarchy': Newsmax floats 'civil war' over Trump indictment
Newsmax/screen grab

A Newsmax segment on Sunday discussed the possibility of a "civil war" if former President Donald Trump is indicted.

During an interview with former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, host Carl Higbie floated the idea of violence over a Trump indictment.

"[Trump] is also saying an indictment would tear this country apart," Higbie said. "He's not wrong. And I hate to — this is where we are. It pains me to say this but let's say they indict Trump. What does this country do? Is this the beginning of the dreaded, dare I say, civil war?"

For his part, Whitaker argued that there was little evidence showing that Trump would be indicted.

"That being said, if the Department of Justice were to take that step under some crazy theory, an extension of the law which has never happened before," the guest opined, "I think it would be very detrimental to our country."

He added: "And I've talked to several just citizens and friends of mine not in Washington, D.C. but in the real world and, you know, they are very concerned that the Department of Justice taking that step will cause mass chaos and anarchy in our country."

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Watch the video below from Newsmax or at the link.