Nicolle Wallace: Republicans have become ‘addicted’ to propaganda — and it’s destroying democracy
Nicole Wallace (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace served Republican candidates and administrations for two decades, but she lays the blame squarely on the GOP for undermining democracy.

The demise of democracy does not have "both sides," she wrote in a new NBC News column, although Republicans and their media enablers want Americans to believe that, and Wallace said they pose an even greater threat to the U.S. than the hijackers who killed thousands and destroyed the World Trade Center.

"I never thought I'd cover the demise of democracy in my own country, but here we are," Wallace wrote.

"The attack on our democracy, spearheaded by the ex-president and enabled by the GOP, represents the greatest threat since 9/11," she added. "In many ways, it is more difficult to defend against. After 9/11, no one called the hijackers 'normal tourists.' No one denied the horror. The fight against domestic violent extremism in our military, law enforcement and communities may be the most fraught counterterrorism effort in modern history. Untangling it from right-wing disinformation and propaganda will require constant vigilance."

Voters should normally determine whether the U.S. continues to enjoy a democracy or choose the "other" path being charted by Republicans, Wallace said, but she said the party she served is rigging the game with voter suppression laws and other schemes to make sure they get their way.

"Those who served in the GOP have a greater burden to tell the truth about what their party has become," Wallace wrote. "Those who know that the voter suppression laws masquerading as election integrity measures are solutions in search of problems have a duty to sound the alarm. The story of our times is understanding how one of the two major political parties became addicted to the same disinformation and anti-democratic practices it once rebuked in foreign countries and why its base has so eagerly embraced this disastrous pivot."