CNN's Pamela Brown slams Nikki Haley: 'Former Trump administration officials are trying to rewrite history'
US Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, U.S. September 2, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

CNN host Pamela Brown fact-checked Nikki Haley's attack on President Joe Biden, noting Haley's previous attacks on former President Donald Trump for his mistakes over negotiations with the Taliban.

Brown explained that Biden certainly isn't innocent, and there is "plenty of blame to go around," but some of the former Trump officials are neglecting the facts when it comes to Trump's role in the crisis.

"Former Trump administration officials are trying to rewrite history, denouncing Biden while also misleading the public on the actions they took on Afghanistan," Brown said. She specifically cited some of Haley's tweets, which contrast with her past comments on videos.

"It's true that no one wants to have to depend on the Taliban," said Brown. "They aren't exactly the most reliable and peace-loving group out there obviously. But Hailey is ignoring the fact that the Trump administration itself negotiated with the Taliban. Mike Pompeo's meeting with top Taliban leaders in Qatar last year and Hailey spoke favorably about peace negotiations while serving as U.N. Ambassador."

"What I can tell you is from the United States' standpoint, it was a great trip to Afghanistan because the U.S. policy on Afghanistan is working," she claimed. "We can see dramatic changes in terms of what the U.S. policy has been doing. We are seeing that we're closer to talks with the Taliban and peace process than we've seen before."

See the fact-check in the video below:

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