Left-leaning Fox News contributor Nomiki Konst deflated host Harris Faulkner's attack on President Joe Biden on Wednesday by reminding her that former President Donald Trump's poll numbers were generally worse than the current president.

During a segment about former President Barack Obama's Tuesday visit to the White House, Faulkner suggested that the Democratic icon had returned because of Biden's falling poll numbers.

"President Biden got 81 million votes," Konst pointed out. "He has received more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of our country. I think he's pretty popular. That's it."

"Have you seen the polls?" Faulkner asked.

"That number, his poll right now is the highest Donald Trump ever reached in polls," Konst replied. "So you might want to check those numbers too."

Konst did not say which poll she was referring to.

"You've seen all of the polls?" Faulkner pressed.

"81 million votes," Konst stated.

But former Republican Rep. Doug Collin interrupted to complain that Konst was scapegoating Trump.

"Here we go again!" Collins exclaimed. "It's just amazing. You know, I would hate to go to lunch with you because all you know to talk about is, I want the hamburger and by the way, Trump made a worse hamburger."

According to Gallup, Biden has held a 48% approval rating on average during his presidency. Gallup averages Trump's approval rating at 39%.

Watch the video below.

Liberal derails Fox News host's Biden smear: 'His poll right now is the highest Trump ever reached' www.youtube.com