'None of this is okay': North Carolina voters report 'harassment and intimidation' at polling stations

An early incident report from North Carolina's board of elections show voters reporting cases of possible harassment and intimidation at polling locations.

Students in New Hanover claim they were harassed while walking from class to a voting site, where the board says an observer "angrily" confronted an election official, reported NBC News.

“The State Board and its law enforcement partners are monitoring several isolated incidents of possible voter or poll worker harassment or intimidation, as well as cases of aggressive campaigning outside polling places,” board spokesperson Pat Gannon told WITN-TV.

Election officials in Columbus County say they were harassed by an observer who was "following one-stop workers" and taking photographs or recording video of them, the board alleged.

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“We did have a situation in another county where a one-stop worker was followed from the voting site to the elections office and then followed to their home," said Karen Brinson Bell, the board's executive director. "This is possibly the most egregious situation that we’ve had at this point in time, but none of this is okay. We want civility, we want people to be able to cast their ballot without fear of intimidation or interference."

Curbside voters in Wake say they were photographed while waiting to cast ballots, the board said, and electioneers in Harnett allegedly recorded video of voters outside polling stations.

The Department of Justice is monitoring voting in Columbus and Harnett counties, along with three others in North Carolina -- Alamance County, Mecklenburg County and Wayne County -- to ensure civil rights laws are followed.