YouTube rants linked to 'person of interest' in NYC subway mass shooting: report

The New York Police Department is still searching for a man who allegedly shot ten people at a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday.

Authorities have announced that Frank James, 62, is a person of interest in the attack. The New York Times and Daily Beast have now both linked James to a YouTube account.

"The police released a screenshot of Mr. James taken from a YouTube video posted by a channel belonging to the username prophetoftruth88," The Times reported. "The videos featured a man — who appeared to be the same man in a picture released by the police — delivering extended tirades, many of them overtly concerned with race and violence, often tying those subjects in with current events, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the policies of Mr. Adams. Two law enforcement officials said that Mr. James was the person featured in the channel’s videos."

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The man in the video complained that Mayor Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, was unable to control crime on the subway and said the mayor's plans to combat gun violence were "doomed to failure."

The Daily Beast noted his discussions of mental health.

“The other thing he talked about, of course, was the issue of mental health. I’m also an expert on that, because—not only am I an expert, but I’m also a f*cking patient. A mental health patient as well," the man said.

“I have been in crisis, as a patient. I have a diagnosis that goes back to 1980, and I have been in crisis. I have acted out, so to speak, to the point where I had to be locked up because I was using illegal narcotics, I’ll just say," he said in a different video.

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