NYPD cop linked to Roger Stone faces misconduct charges

An NYPD officer who's been linked to Trump confidant Roger Stone has been charged with misconduct, the New York Daily News reports.

Salvatore Greco, 39, will go to trial, although the specifics of the charges have not been reported yet. The charges come after a nearly year-long investigation and according to his lawyer, Stu London, the charges are related to Greco's relationship with Stone. As the Daily News points out, Greco was photographed with Stone several times in Washington, D.C., before and during the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

"The morning of Jan. 6, 2021, the cop was photographed outside the Willard InterContinental Hotel with Stone and several masked Oathkeepers working as Stone’s security. Greco was linked to Alabama Oathkeeper Joshua James through a cash-sharing app," The Daily News reports. "At least five Oathkeepers who provided security to Stone were charged with participating in the insurrection, including James who was charged with storming the Capitol in military-style gear hours after protecting Stone. Greco also received a payment from Stone’s wife soon after Trump commuted Stone’s sentence in July 2020."

Greco has a history of social media posts where he slams the U.S. government as "tyrannical." He's also been seen in images attending a Proud Boys rally in 2020.

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Greco's relationship with Stone reportedly goes back for years.

“I certainly can’t comment on something I haven’t seen and know nothing whatsoever about,” Stone told The Daily News about Greco’s departmental charges.

Marq Claxton, director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, says that Greco's charges are “late but appropriate and necessary.”

“It is imperative that the Department holds him accountable if any of his actions contributed to or supported the January 6th insurrection or the organizers of the event,” said Claxton, a retired NYPD detective. “Because Capitol police officers were seriously injured and some died, the larger law enforcement community expects full accountability. P.O. Greco’s NYPD colleagues deserve assurances that his allegiance is to the rule of law and he can be trusted to operate accordingly.”