Another Oath Keeper linked to Roger Stone arrested: report
(Screenshot via ABC News)

Joshua James, who helped provide security for Roger Stone on Jan. 6, was arrested in his home state of Alabama Tuesday for his participation in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Politico reported that about a dozen Oath Keepers have been charged among the 250 people who have been indicted by federal authorities on one felony charge of obstruction of Congress. It's unclear if there will be further charges.

"The filings also make no secret of the Oath Keepers' connection to Stone, both linking to a New York Times article that described their connection to the Trump ally in the days and hours before the Capitol siege," said the report. "Just before referencing that news article, the affidavit used to obtain an arrest warrant for James describes him as part of 'a security detail for a speaker at the 'Stop the Steal' rallies and events.'"

Stone hasn't been indicted by law enforcement as he reported not participating in the siege. There also aren't photos of Stone at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

"A group of eight Oath Keepers has separately been charged with conspiring to storm the Capitol and disrupt the counting of Electoral College votes," said the report. "Prosecutors described the group as orchestrating an intricate, military-style plan to converge on Washington and infiltrate the Capitol."

Reports claimed that Oath Keeper members allegedly had a group outside of Washington city limits who could help bring in more weapons if dispatched by those at the Capitol. Politico explained, however, that there's no real understanding of how much was "talk" and how much was reality.

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