Capitol rioter’s bid to get out of jail thwarted by his own medical records

In a strange story, MAGA lawyer John Pierce, the man who has agreed to help many of the Jan. 6 insurrectionists, is making a unique case to get his client free from pre-trial lockup.

In his attempt to get Oath Keeper Kenneth Harrelson out of prison, Pierce claimed that his client had COVID-19. The problem he ran into was that the medical records state pretty clearly that he doesn't have COVID.

Prosecutors responded using medical records to confirm that the motion for release on medical grounds was false.

"The motion asserts that the defendant is acutely suffering from a particular viral infection," Pierce wrote in the motion with medical reports. "However, the defendant's medical records show that he is not suffering from an infection; rather, the defendant has antibodies for that virus, indicating that he has immunity from that virus, (based on either a vaccine or a prior infection)."

The motion went on to cite medical chart entries from August 24, 2021, noting that Harrelson said he wasn't concerned about his virus status while his wife who checked his lab results said that she was concerned. "He has no medical complaints."

You can read the full two-page motion here.