Oath Keepers’ lawyer claims 'the Constitution does not protect one from violence' in typo-plagued response to Capitol riot lawsuit

An attorney representing the Oath Keepers militia this week filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against the group that was plagued by typographical errors.

As Law & Crime reports, attorney Kerry Lee Morgan twice refers to the militia as the "Oak Keepers" in his motion, which seeks to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) that accused the group of inciting a riot at the United States Capitol building.

Much of Morgan's filing attacks the original lawsuit for lacking specific details of how the Oath Keepers incited the January 6th MAGA riots, and it claims that the Oath Keepers had no part in pushing Trump supporters to storm the Capitol, despite the fact that prosecutors have charged 14 members of the militia with crimes related to the deadly siege.

"The Constitution does not protect one from violence, but the allegations and holding of this Court in Caldwell amply demonstrate no Oath Keeper entered the Capitol violently or otherwise and therefor nothing in the amended complaint reaches to any violent act to physically prevent the House from observing the Electoral proceedings," Morgan claimed.

Morgan concluded by writing that "for the reasons stated herein, defendant Oak Keepers (sic) prays that this court dismiss the plaintiffs complaint for lacking standing."

Read the full filing here.