Oath Keepers' one-time No. 2 revealed as an FBI informant likely to testify at Rhodes' trial

An FBI informant is likely to testify in the sedition trial of some of the Oath Keepers, namely the leader, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, but as a witness for the defense.

The New York Times reported that the FBI informant, Greg McWhirter, was embedded with the militia for months leading into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. He was ultimately serving as the "vice president" of the group, but was actually working with the FBI.

"Despite their relationship with Mr. McWhirter, federal prosecutors decided not to call him as a government witness at the trial of Mr. Rhodes and his four co-defendants, which is now unfolding in Federal District Court in Washington," the Times explained. The prosecutors could have called him last week but didn't as part of their case. They explained that they still want him to testify but they aren't clear on when it can happen or if it would be by video.

McWhirter is only one of two confidential sources working with the FBI to give information about the Oath Keepers.

Speaking at the start of the trial, former Oath Keeper Abdullah Rasheed testified that he was growing increasingly alarmed by the violent rhetoric from Rhodes after the November election.

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