Newly revealed search warrant shows FBI probing Oath Keepers for 'seditious conspiracy'

A lawyer for the right-wing militia group then Oath Keepers tweeted on Wednesday that she was served with a search warrant by the FBI, which is investigating "seditious conspiracy" charges related to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, Mother Jones reports.

In a message to Mother Jones, Kellye SoRelle said that the FBI seized her phone.

"[T]hey have all my clients and my comms," she said. "[It's] unethical as shit on their part."

"So a couple of weeks ago I accidentally stumbled across the deep state ties to [MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell], when I did- I received wrath from the tie to a large firm. Yesterday my cell phone was taken by the FBI with a search warrant. I am doing nothing but seeking the truth.... I hope you are too," SoRelle tweeted.

As Mother Jones points out, there's no evidence that the FBI is interested in SoRelle's views on Lindell.

An image of the search warrant SoRelle provided to Mother Jones shows the phone seizure is about suspected crimes connected to January 6, including potential violations of nine criminal statutes.

"Those include crimes with which many people who entered the Capitol have been charged, from destruction of government property to trespassing and obstruction of Congress. The agents are also seeking evidence of false statements and obstruction of justice, including destruction of evidence, the warrant says," Mother Jones reports. "Notably, the warrant also lists 'seditious conspiracy' among the suspected crimes."

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