Oath Keeper lawyer: Showing Capitol riot video in court would unfairly associate defendant with 'crazy' people

An attorney representing indicted Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs on Tuesday objected showing jurors a video of the January 6th Capitol riots on the grounds that it would unfairly associate one of the defendants on trial with "crazy" people.

As reported by Bloomberg News' Zoe Tillman, attorney Juli Haller argued that it would be prejudicial to show jurors the Capitol riot video given that Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins, who is also on trial, is not seen in the video even though federal prosecutors allege that she is at the front of the crowd shoving against police near the Senate chamber.

"Haller argues it's prejudicial because the other people captured in the hallway are 'crazy' and the scene is 'quite disturbing,'" writes Tillman.

However, Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the government can show the video as part of its exhibits on the grounds that showing the crowd building up near the Senate chamber is relevant to the government's case that Watkins aided and abetted civil disorder.

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Watkins and Meggs are two of the 11 members of the Oath Keepers militia who were charged earlier this year with seditious conspiracy for their roles in planning and participating in the January 6th Capitol riots.