WATCH: Maryland cops brutalize teens for vaping on boardwalk

Police in Maryland violently arrested four teenagers for violating a vaping ban at a beachfront boardwalk.

Ocean City police officers tackled one teenager and repeatedly kneed on his stomach during the Saturday evening arrest, which was recorded on video by multiple witnesses, reported WMAR-TV.

"Stop resisting!" an officer yells in one video.

The teen repeatedly insists he's not resisting and asks why he's being arrested.

Officers said they told the teens, who were visiting from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that vaping was prohibited on most of the boardwalk, and police said 19-year-old Brian Everett Anderson refused to provide identification and became "disorderly."

Police then said 19-year-old Kamere Anthony Day started shouting profanity at them and "approached" the officers, who say the young man ignored their order to back up and then resisted arrest.

According to police, a third teen, 18-year-old Jahtique Joseph John Lewis, struck an officer with a bicycle and then resisted arrest.

Khalil Dwayne Warren, 19, was later arrested for standing near "no trespassing" signs on private property, police said, and became "disorderly" when told to move.

Videos show police shoving one of the teens against a wall after he grabbed an officer's bicycle, while officers kneed another teen and struck him with a Taser after he shoved an officer.

Another video shows officers confronting a teen standing with his hands raised, and the struck him in the stomach with a Taser after he lowered his hands toward a backpack.

All four teens were charged with counts including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and second-degree assault.

Police said they would review the officers' use of force to enforce the vaping ordinance.