Ohio Medical Board renews license of infamous vax-bashing doc who said vaccines magnetize people

At a time when Americans are struggling with the coronavirus and protecting against the deadly delta variant, the Ohio Medical Board has apparently turned down an opportunity to clamp down on a doctor notorious for spouting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Cincinnati.com reported Monday that the board renewed the license of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, despite her belief the vaccine leads to magnetism. Osteopathic medicine is a "whole person" approach to medicine that works on preventative care and not treating symptoms.

Tenpenny's website asking for donations argues that "they" are forcing "freedom-loving Americans" to make a choice between a "deadly" vaccine or being tested with a nasal swab she says is looking for "a virus that, by some claims, doesn't even exist."

The State Medical Board of Ohio renewed her license for another two years despite the false claims about the virus and the vaccine.

Tenpenny came under the national spotlight earlier this year when she was invited to testify to the Ohio House Health Committee by a Republican lawmaker. She testified under oath that the COVID-19 vaccine magnetizes those who get it and provides an "interface" with 5G towers.

The report also revealed that a federal judge officially deemed her a "non-expert" in a lawsuit claiming a vaccine injury. She is one of 12 "most prolific disseminators of COVID-19 misinformation on social media," said the findings from the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

The Ohio Medical Board members were all appointed by Republican Govs. Mike DeWine and John Kasich.

See a clip of Dr. Tenpenny below.

Read the full report at Cincinnati.com

Anti-vaxxer tells Ohio lawmakers COVID-19 vaccine can leave people magnetized, interfaced with 5G to www.youtube.com