'Chilling': Oklahoma teacher fired after providing students with free access to e-books from local library

An English teacher at Norman High School in Oklahoma was fired after she provided students with a QR code for free access to e-books, Fox 25 reports.

Norman Public Schools, like other districts in the State, is making teachers review their classroom libraries and remove certain titles that violate district policy.

The rule is the result of the passing of House Bill (HB) 1775, which, as Fox 25 points out, "says the Oklahoma State Board of Education will prohibit any discrimination on the basis of race or sex in the form of bias, stereotyping, scapegoating, classification, or traits, morals, values or characteristics that are based solely on race or sex."

English teacher Summer Boismier says she was fired for simply sharing a QR code to students so they could access free e-books from the Brooklyn library.

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Boismier said she shared the code with her students in response to "unfounded calls from state leadership for widespread censorship."

"Teachers across the district have been told by administration to either remove or restrict student access to classroom library texts for fear of a potential accreditation downgrade associated with any perceived violations of HB 1775," Boismier told Fox 25.

"Just recently, the Oklahoma State Board of Education downgraded the accreditation of two Oklahoma Public Schools following alleged violations of HB 1775," Fox 25 reports. "Mustang Public Schools and Tulsa Public Schools were both found in violation of the Critical Race Theories ban, receiving the disciplinary action of 'accreditation with warning', which is the third tier of the board's five accreditation tiers."

Speaking to Fox 25, Boismier said she places "the primary responsibility for this chilling of free speech and free association at the feet of Ryan Walters, Governor Stitt, and their ilk at 23rd and Lincoln."

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