'Peak conservative stupidity': Megyn Kelly mocked for 'trying to school Oprah' over Meghan and Harry interview​
Megyn Kelly and Oprah Winfrey

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly offered some unsolicited advice to Oprah Winfrey while watching her bombshell interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and she was met with ridicule and criticism.

Kelly, who was paid nearly $30 million by NBC after losing her poorly rated program over her apparent defense of blackface, offered a litany of questions she wished Winfrey had asked in the interview, which reminded many viewers of the longtime talk show host's formidable skills.

"Oprah stayed too broad-I wanted more: 'who?...Be specific...what exactly did they say? Who was jealous of M after Australia? How did u know that? What do you mean ur family hasn't "educated themselves' the way u have? They're racists? WHO?'" Kelly groused. "Eventually they'd have to get specific."

Other social media users reminded Kelly of her own professional failures.