'Get a rope!' Armed extremists clash with police while trying to overrun Oregon State Capitol

A group of armed extremists reportedly clashed with law enforcement officers at the Oregon State Capitol on Monday.

The incident occurred during a so-called "Stop the Steal" rally outside the Capitol building that was taking place as Oregon lawmakers held a special legislative session to consider measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Freelance writer Laura Jedeed was on the scene and tweeted a firsthand account of the confrontation between police and "far right activists" who were angry that the special legislative session had been closed to the public.

"And holy shit things got real IMMEDIATELY," Jedeed wrote. "They just tried to force their way into the building. Fights with cops. A great deal of mace."

"The cops have retreated inside the building and closed an internal door," the report continued. "The hallway is full of mace. The right wingers are gearing up to go in. It's spicy as fuck in there. They keep going in and then back out."

At one point, Jedeed said that she saw a "gentleman with AR-15s standing at the entrance" of the building.

Several speakers took turns whipping up the crowd with a megaphone.

"This is America! No one tells us what we can and cannot do!" right-wing activist Chandler Pappas told the group.

"Get a rope!!" someone shouted, according to Jedeed.

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