'Verbally violent' Trump supporters have been swarming Palm Beach ever since his loss -- and locals are worried

Former President Donald Trump has taken up residence in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, and it's become something of a Mecca for his supporters.

Palm Beach County Democratic Party Secretary Sophia Nelson tells TMZ that she's worried about the effect that Trump will have on local politics.

"Nelson says she and others have already seen changes in town, especially near Trump properties, where upwards of 100 supporters have been gathering daily to show their love since Trump's arrival last week," reports TMZ. "She calls them 'verbally violent.'"

Nelson also worries that Trump-loving radicals will feel emboldened to challenge local elected Republicans in primary fights, which will make governing much more difficult than it has traditionally been.

Just one week after his departure from the White House, there are already signs that residents of Palm Beach County are tired of his presence. Residents at the condominium complex formerly known as Trump Plaza, for instance, openly celebrated after the condo board unanimously voted to change its name.