'I want it to stop' Gwyneth Paltrow gets camera shy during ski crash trial
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Gwyneth Paltrow may be comfortable being in front of the camera while she’s doing her day job, but apparently not so much when she’s the defendant in a civil case.

Patlrow through her attorney on Wednesday argued for the removal of a still photographer during the actress’ lawsuit over a 2016 ski accident in Park City, Utah, The Daily Beast reports.

Retired optometrist Terry Sanderson alleges the Academy Award winner of injuring him while she was skiing recklessly on the slopes and is suing her for $300,000. Paltrow is countersuing for a symbolic $1, plus legal expenses.

Paltrow’s attorney, Steve Owens, during Wednesday’s proceeding complained that a photographer was transmitting photos of his celebrity client.

“I’m mad,” Owens said. “I want it to stop.”

Judge Kent Holmberg ordered the camera seized and warned the reporter they would be removed if it happened again, CNN reports.

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