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School is out at Central Elementary school in Lucedale, Mississippi, and the final bus ride revealed the bus driver left it unattended for about 15 minutes after reportedly falling ill.

The result was 15 minutes of hell for children who were scared, reported WKRG.

“They were crying and yelling,” said Ramiro Pruitt, who was on the bus at the time. Some called their parents.

“She calls me, she’s crying she says mom, come get me, I’m scared,” said Kattie Bragg. Like many parents, she was concerned and wants to know what happened.

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“My kids called me, I couldn’t hear them, there were too many kids screaming in the background for their parents,” said mom Nicki Pruitt.

Some then came to the bus to pick up their children, where things got even worse. The bus driver began yelling at the students to stay on the bus and parents to get off the bus. An adult trying to take a child off the bus is likely something the schools generally refuse without the verification of a family member. The school is responsible for children on the bus until they are dropped off.

“She scared those kids on the school bus, nobody wants to get back on the school bus,” said Pruitt.

“I think they want everyone to be quiet about it and they’re going to brush it under the carpet,” said parent Anthony Pruitt.

The videos surfacing are causing a community uproar.

The school is researching what happened.

See one of the videos below:

Bus 276 Incident