Judge rules against Parler — says their claims are ‘inaccurate and unsupported’
Parler Logo (Shutterstock.com)

A federal judge has denied the social media platform Parler's request to force Amazon Web Services to put its site back online while a lawsuit against the company is ongoing, Forbes reports. According to the court, the platform favored by right-wing users has "fallen far short" of proving the credibility of its legal claims.

"The Court explicitly rejects any suggestion" by Parler that Amazon is obligated "to host the kind of abusive, violent content at issue in this case, particularly in light of the recent riots at the U.S. Capitol," U.S. District Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein wrote in her ruling. "That event was a tragic reminder that inflammatory rhetoric can—more swiftly and easily than many of us would have hoped—turn a lawful protest into a violent insurrection."

Amazon removed Parler from its servers after similar actions were taken by Apple and Google.

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