Pastor Greg Locke tells churchgoers to use 2nd Amendment against 'propaganda' and 'Democrat games'

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke told an audience at his church on Monday that he had authorized the use of guns against members of the media who played "Democrat games" by trying to attend services.

Locke was joined by actor John Schneider and Trump ally Roger Stone for a "Save America Freedom Tour" event that was broadcast on Real America's Voice.

"We have to stop compromising to the propaganda," Locke explained. "One of the things we did to push back against the nonsense is not only put up a sign but we told our folks, we so believe in our First Amendment right to gather under this tent and to worship Jesus Christ that if you show up with your propaganda machine and you try to impede on our First Amendment right, I said, our boys will meet you at the doors of this tent with our Secondment Amendment right because we're not playing your Democrat games."

Locke has previously called on people to use the Second Amendment to stop social media censorship.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

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