‘Cipollone is a dangerous witness for Trump’: Jan. 6 panel wants to know what crimes White House counsel worried about
Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead.

The House select committee has issued a subpoena for testimony from former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

Previous witnesses have testified that Cipollone expressed concerns about the legality of Donald Trump's schemes to overturn his election loss, and the panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection wants to hear directly from the former White House counsel about those worries, reported the Washington Post.

“He was a witness to major aspects of our investigation,” Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-MD) told the Post. “It seems as if he was putting up a lot of red flags and trying to hang on to the rule of law as much as possible.”

Cipollone was present when then-attorney general William Barr told Trump his pressure campaign on the Department of Justice was highly improper, and he was there when the former president threatened to install new leadership at the DOJ to act on his false claims about election fraud.

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The White House counsel also cautioned Trump that his fake electors scheme was legally unsound and warned attorney John Eastman not to pressure vice president Mike Pence to meddle in the electoral count, and Cipollone repeatedly warned that Trump going to the Capitol with his supporters would result in him being "charged with every crime imaginable."

“He likely can make it clear beyond peradventure that the illegality of the challenges to the election and the riot planning was known to Trump,” said trial lawyer David Lurie. “Cipollone is a dangerous witness for Trump because it was his job to speak up when legal lines were being crossed.”