QAnon-linked ex-CEO moves for Michael Flynn to be named president if Trump 'doesn't want' to be reinstated
Twitter/screen grab

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has suggested that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn could be named as the next president of the United States if Donald Trump "doesn't want" to be reinstated in 2022.

Byrne's remarks were first reported by Alex Kaplan of Media Matters.

"Donald Trump has the right to fight this out in the courts and so forth," Byrne said in a recent video. "If he doesn't want to come back or if he doesn't want to run again, what happens then? I have said, everybody knows who I want to run again, a certain retired three-star general [Michael Flynn] who seems like the most able guy I've met."

"He seems to have the interest of the country at heart," he continued. "However, he and I both fully understand, that's if Donald Trump doesn't want it. What could happen is that you'll see Donald Trump back in sometime next year. The only question is who is running in 2024 to succeed Mr. Trump."

Byrne added: "But it's DJT's choice. And if he wants to run in 2024, he has the full allegiance of Mike Flynn."

Following Trump's loss in 2020, Byrne became a prominent figure in the effort to deny President Joe Biden's victory. He has previously claimed that he is funding an "army" of people who are trying to overturn the election.

Watch the video below.