Patriot Front exposed: Left-wing activists reveal petty squabbles among fascists in 400 gigs of chats
Screen cap / Twitter

A large collection of chat transcripts between members of the fascist group the Patriot Front were exposed, showing the ways in which members shamed each other.

VICE News cited 400 gigabytes of chat data published by the left-wing collective Unicorn Riot revealing the ways in which the men obsess over their diet, weight, fitness and "bad habits" like junk food and pornography. Patriot Front was an off-shoot of the neo-Nazi group Vanguard America, which broke apart after the 2017 riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. Instead of Nazi symbols the group uses versions of the American flag.

The group, which is typically seen covering their faces with sunglasses and neck gaiters, showed the fascist leaders shaming their members for not being as involved as they should be or neglecting to publish their personal fitness updates.

"And then there’s the financial aspect," said the report. "Patriot Front members are actually expected to fork out a cover charge to attend their own rallies. They’re also expected to engage in regular 'activism,' which entails scattering Patriot Front 'promat'—posters and stickers—around their respective regions."

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They're also required to use the group's official "promat" for branding purposes and they have to shell out hundreds for the materials along with photos of themselves distributing the propaganda.

VICE describes the 24-year-old leader, Thomas Rousseau, as a micromanager obsessed with the image of the group.

“If any one of you don’t do everything within your power to attend this, you may be subject to suspension," wrote "John WA," who demanded that the members travel to Washington, D.C. for a December rally. "If you refuse to come to this, you are not a nationalist in my eyes.” John WA also routinely scolds members in his chapter for failing to participate enough. “I want to see this chat more active,” he wrote. “We all came here for the same goal, did we not? To organize and overcome. To practice our convictions.”

Read further transcripts and the group's obsession over a propaganda video at VICE.