'Now get out of my town': How one man on a bicycle rattled white supremacists at D.C. rally
Photo: Screen capture

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow honored a man on Monday who started a war of words against a group of white supremacists that were in Washington, D.C., over the weekend.

Joe Flood said that he saw reports about Patriot Front, a group that covers its face not with a white hood, but a white gaiter. They march in khaki pants and carry American flags on poles.

He got on his bike and headed downtown. Standing beside them as they marched and shouted into a bullhorn, Flood began heckling.

"Hi! Hi, fascists!" Flood shouted. "No one likes you. Your mom hates you. Your friends hate you. You were the losers of your high school class. You are sloppy. You are not even matching. You all have different types of pants on. Cargo pants are out. Reclaim your virginity!"

"This guy was giving this speech," Flood told Maddow's producers. "He kept having to stop and pull it out of his pocket and then start reading it. So, every time he stopped, I would yell at him and say he was boring. And then I said, 'Why can't you memorize your speech? Why can't you memorize your speech?' And then I said, 'You look like Gen. Custer's illegitimate son.' The guy side-eyed and looked at me, and I thought, I got you. I got in your head. Now get out of my town."

The group ultimately left, but Flood stayed, making sure they were heckled the whole day.

See the clip below or at the link here.

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