GOP's Paul Gosar faces calls for expulsion for reportedly hosting fundraiser with infamous white nationalist

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is facing fresh calls for expulsion after white nationalist Nick Fuentes announced that the far-right congressman would join him for a fundraising event next month.

As Newsweek reports, Gosar "is being advertised on Telegram channel America First Updates as taking part in an event alongside" Fuentes, a white nationalist who in the past has promoted Holocaust denial.

While Gosar hasn't officially confirmed that he's taking part in the fundraiser, he did speak earlier this year at Fuentes's America First Political Action conference and has repeatedly echoed Fuentes's praise for the violent MAGA rioters who attacked the United States Capitol building on January 6th.

News of the reported fundraiser set off a furious reaction among many observers who called on Congress to hold Gosar accountable to palling around with white nationalists.

Tablet Mag writer Yair Rosenberg, for instance, said that if Gosar really goes through with fundraising for Fuentes, he needs to be expelled from Congress.

Former Virginia GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman, meanwhile, called out his party for keeping Gosar on committees even though he's openly allying himself with white supremacists.

"A dangerous time," Riggleman commented.

And Southern Poverty Law Center reporter Michael Edison Hayden said that the GOP's decision to continue supporting Gosar showed how dangerously radicalized the party had become.

"Nick Fuentes is an open admirer of fascism and Republicans will do nothing to punish Paul Gosar over this collaboration," he wrote. "I feel like despite the chatter about how bad the GOP has gotten we haven't processed what a radical transformation this is for America."