Paul Gosar says he and Kari Lake ignored National Prayer Breakfast's rules because Jesus approved
Gage Skidmore.

In response to controversy over lobbyists, dictators, and others with political agendas attending the National Prayer Breakfast, the organization that hosts the event implemented new rules limiting members of Congress to inviting either their spouse or a constituent.

But, as it was reported last month, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) nevertheless invited failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to be his guest to the event, effectively breaking the NPB's rules.

As The Young Turks points out, Lake used the event to rail against President Joe Biden and suggested God should take revenge on him for his "crimes."

When TYT reached out to Gosar for comment, a spokesperson replied that the pair's disregard for the rules was divinely approved.

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"Congressman Gosar and Kari Lake broke bread in the name of Christ," Gosar spokesperson Anthony Foti said. "They prayed to Jesus for clarity, guidance and wisdom. At no time did Jesus ask where Kari Lake lived before accepting worship."

TYT's Jonathan Larsen writes that like in the past, "the 2023 event was putatively non-sectarian."

"The website of the new board now running it describes the National Prayer Breakfast as uniting diverse faiths in the spirit of Jesus, but not as worshiping him," Larsen writes. "And the event did not take place at a church or other house of worship – it was held on Capitol Hill, at the Capitol Visitor's Center."

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