Paul Gosar in danger of getting 'visit from the Secret Service' over threat to Biden: former prosecutor
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Discussing the blowback Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is getting after tweeting out his violent fantasy involving Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then another tweet hinting at more violence against President Joe Biden, a CNN legal analyst told host John Berman that the GOP lawmaker may be in trouble.

As Salon's Jon Skolnik wrote, the anime-themed video shows Gosar attacking Ocasio-Cortez before the GOP congressman "is shown leaping into the air with his blades unsheathed moments before striking the photoshopped head of President Joe Biden."

That, former prosecutor Elie Hoenig said, will mean Gosar will be facing scrutiny from the Secret Service.

"First of all, this is unbelievably dangerous," Hoenig told host John Berman. "Gosar will get a visit from the Secret Service, no question about that. The U.S. Constitution, Article One, gives the House of Representatives and the Senate power to expel its own members by a two-thirds vote -- that is very, very rarely done."

"But you have to ask, if not now when?" he continued. "What person at what company in the United States, public or private, would not get fired for doing something like that? Congress has that constitutional power. we'll see whether there's any will to exercise it."

"A lot of that is on the Republican leadership," Berman offered. "What they choose to do with Paul Gosar. So far, as Ocasio-Cortez notes, McCarthy has done nothing but stand behind Gosar."

Watch below:

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