Man who blurted out 'Heil Hitler' during school meeting on mask mandates fired from tennis instructor job
Paul Marcum (The Sports Club of West Bloomfield)

A man accused of giving a Nazi salute and saying "Heil Hitler" during a board of education meeting in Detroit has lost his job as a tennis instructor at a local health and fitness club, the Metro Times reports.

Speaking to the Metro Times, the owner of Sports Club said that Paul Marcum's bio has been taken off their website after news got around that he flashed the salute during a heated debate at the Aug. 17 meeting regarding mandatory masks in schools.

Marcum allegedly made the gesture toward Suzanne Busdiecker, who is Jewish, and two African-American women. All three women supported mask mandates, Deadline Detroit previously reported.

"It's a hate crime and it happened on school property," Busdiecker, a mother of a student entering middle school after a year of virtual learning, told Deadline Detroit. "I'm not taking it lightly."

Marcum was removed from the meeting by security after the incident.

Man renders Nazi salute during debate about masks at Michigan school board meeting