The View's Whoopi Goldberg unleashes on Republicans for lies about Paul Pelosi's attack
Photo: Screen capture

The co-hosts of "The View" were furious Tuesday when discussing the behavior of Republicans and right-leaning pundits who crafted conspiracy theories about the brutal hammer attack on Paul Pelosi.

A chorus of Republican officials and candidates ridiculed Mr. Pelosi and his wife, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after the attack as the conspiracies spread. The 21 elected officials who mocked the Pelosi family haven't yet apologized or corrected the record, the Seattle Times reported. The paper published a graphic showing the specifics about each member, which has been pushed out by former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

Whoopi Goldberg highlighted the right-wing news, saying that they are "still trying to put more spin on it!"

After showing a clip of media personalities like Tucker Carlson, Goldberg fact-checked his commentary using the police report and information that was not part of the monologue by the Fox News host.

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She cited Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has amplified conspiracies about the Pelosi attack.

"You know, you brought up Ted Cruz a little bit ago, and Ted Cruz did exactly to Nancy Pelosi's husband what you-know-who [Donald Trump] did to his wife, and his dad," Goldberg said. During the 2016 election, Trump attacked Cruz's wife as a corrupt Wall Street fraudster and alleged Cruz's father killed former President John F. Kennedy.

"Why doesn't he see that that's the same?" Goldberg asked. "All of that is the same when you say, oh, man. It's a love affair. It wasn't a love affair! Why are you making stuff up? We can't make stuff up. We have to apologize when we make stuff up, we're joking, or we say something in humor. If we say something in humor, they say, listen, you can't do that. Why are you allowed to laugh about the fact that somebody broke into this house, hit this man with a hammer, and y'all are kind of yucking it up while you're not watching your own show?"

Joy Behar pointed out that the GOP members are "giving cover to political violence" by making fun of it or refusing to condemn violence against political figures. She also noted that once political violence begins, it's the beginning of the end of democracy.

"What are the Democrats supposed to do?" she asked. "There is no bottom to this Republican Party. The hole is not deep enough for them to go into to be disgraceful, but the Democrats have to take the high road because there are people, like us, and people in our audience who need a place to go."

Former Republican staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin said that it's "wrong" and hopes someday to have a "civilized" Republican.

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