Trump ally blames Republican leadership for blocking audit of 2020 Pennsylvania election
US President Donald Trump - US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Not Pictured), on the sidelines of the NATO leaders summit. Trump warned Iran over repeated rocket attacks on the country's embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, saying he would not tolerate any deaths of US personnel. - Michael Kappeler/dpa

Donald Trump allies are furious at Republican leaders they say are blocking an audit of the 2020 Pennsylvania election.

According to the Examiner, Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano has been trying to replicate the audit of Maricopa County in Arizona. In that case, conspiracy theorists used microscopes to examine the fibers in the ballot papers to see if there was bamboo. They claimed China brought stacks of ballots to the state to ensure Joe Biden won. But no evidence proved their conspiracy.

But efforts to replicate the process in Pennsylvania were stopped by members of his own party.

"We're not in a very good spot right now," Mastriano said. "I put my name out there to get it done, and I've been stopped for the time being. If there's a way I could do it without being stopped, a way around this momentary impediment, you know I would find it."

Mastriano retweeted someone saying that Republican Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman should authorize the audit, leading many to believe that he was one of those blocking the audit.

In a video that has since been deleted, Mastriano said his work to get election materials has "burned a lot of bridges."

Biden won the state with more than 80,000 votes.

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