Trump-loving Pennsylvania Republican's plan for Arizona-style 'audit' just hit a major roadblock
Doug Mastriano. (US Army photo)

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano had wanted to conduct an Arizona-style vote "audit" of his state's 2020 elections results -- but it's already hit a major roadblock.

CNN reports that Philadelphia County, Tioga County and York County this week all declined Mastriano's request to hand over their election materials and voting machines to a third-party inspector.

"The board cannot agree to the undertaking of your proposed review of the county's election equipment," Lisa Deeley, chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioner's Office, wrote to Mastriano. "Among other things, there is no claim that Philadelphia County's election systems or processes were compromised nor is there any basis to jeopardize the constitutionally mandated secrecy of the votes cast by City of Philadelphia residents."

Deeley also cited the potential for the county to have to replace its entire voting equipment if Mastriano's third-party "inspectors" end up compromising it.

This is exactly what has happened in Arizona when the Trump-backing firm Cyber Ninjas compromised the state's election equipment.

"The letter from Philadelphia commissioners notes that replacing their voting equipment alone would cost more than $35 million and well over a year to implement," writes CNN. "Deeley wrote that cooperating with Mastriano's request would 'render it impossible for Philadelphia to conduct the November 2021 General Election as well as the May 2022 Primary Election.'"