'He's a good guy!' Trucker convoy supporter explains why he likes Vladimir Putin
Demonstrator at "People's Convoy" (Twitter).

On Thursday, a man at the "People's Convoy" truck demonstration — adorned in a Trump/Kennedy shirt, a reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory — defended Vladimir Putin, claiming in an interview with Channel 5 journalist Andrew Callaghan that Russia's president is a "good guy" despite his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

"The Deep State has always made Putin to look like the bad guy," said the man. "But he's a good guy. He's taken out all the biolabs, child trafficking areas, adrenochrome harvesting areas."

The QAnon movement is obsessed with the idea of a cabal of Satanic child sex traffickers who extract "adrenochrome" from their blood to achieve psychedelic visions and immortality.

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The man then referenced an early meeting between former President Donald Trump and Putin, claiming that he passed Trump secret information hidden inside a soccer ball: "If people would have watched when Trump came into office at the beginning, when you saw them hand that soccer ball off, that soccer ball had so much information in it to take down everybody that Putin's had all the intel on for years, it had a lot of data in it. And that's what's going on."

The "People's Convoy," a gathering of truckers outside Washington, D.C. modeled after the anti-vaccine protests in Canada that briefly paralyzed international traffic, has quickly turned into a gathering place for far-right conspiracy theorists. Another woman at the rally this week told reporters that the United States has been replaced with a "corporation" — a central conspiracy theory to the "sovereign citizen" movement — and made anti-Semitic claims about wealthy Jewish families orchestrating the Civil War.

Watch below:

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