Fox News host laughs in Peter Doocy's face after Biden called him a 'stupid SOB' on hot mic

A hot mic on Monday caught President Joe Biden calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a b*tch" after he asked the president if he believed inflation would be political liability for him.

Fox News host Jesse Watters spoke to Doocy shortly after the president profanely slammed him, and he proceeded to have some fun at Doocy's expense.

"I think the president's right," Watters told him while laughing. "You are a stupid SOB!"

Doocy took the ridicule in stride, however.

"Yeah, nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it's not true," he said, which resulted in more laughter.

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After Doocy had asked Biden earlier if he believed inflation would hurt him in the upcoming midterm elections, Biden sarcastically replied, "That's a great asset, more inflation," and then added, "what a stupid son of a b*tch."

Watch the video below.