Fox correspondent Peter Doocy frequently faces off against White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, whom he routinely asks combative questions.

On Monday, Doocy asked about the mask mandates on planes and the recent ruling by a conservative judge to eliminate the mask mandate while traveling.

Doocy asked why the White House doesn't need to have masks on while masks are necessary on a plane.

"Well, Peter, I'm not a doctor and you're not a doctor, that I'm aware of," Psaki said. "If you're a doctor I wasn't aware of that until today."

"I'm not," Doocy conceeded.

"Ok, well, not a doctor. Just making sure," Psaki said. "I don't know."

"Or do you play one on TV?" the reporter to Doocy's right asked.

"Nor does he play one on TV," said Psaki. "There you go. Most days."

She went on to explain to him how the masking guidance works with the color-coded system "green, yellow and red." Washington, D.C. is in a green zone.

See the video below:

White House reporters laugh at Peter Doocy after Jen Psaki reminds him he's not a doctor

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